right at the pinnacle of the toughest and lonliest day since the breakup happened i was feeling down about school, my living arrangement and everything in between..i broke out my step working guide. and finally began to write on my third step, “we made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.” the last few days ive been feeling so overwhelmed with things i need to do and deadlines that need to get met. i feel like ive been falling behind… i was just on the phone with my sponsor and i suggested to myself maybe i should just pause and write on my steps… so i bust out the guide and the first question is why is making this decision central to working this step. and the second question asked if i could make this decision today….as soon as i answered those questions, i got a message from my aunt telling me to check my email on some awesome places to live, my sister texted me saying she loves me and to keep my head up. and one of my really good friends from northern california messaged me and my buddies dad replied telling me i was welcome at their house to stay while i look for something permanent….thats God working in my life… i just had to pop open the wordpress and let some of this out because i feel amazing right now….God works in mysterious ways but right when he knew i was starting to struggle he intervened.


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