may quite be the best book ive read to date. ive been exercising those leadership principles in my daily life in collaboration with my spiritual principles and when i heard people talking about how difficult it is in meetings, i didnt honestly quite understand. Now i really do. and yes is it extremely difficult. however, i have learned that huge personal growth for me occurs when i effectively implement these principles in my daily life because doing so essentially suppresses my overwhelming character defects, instead of becoming frustrated with others today when things dont go my way, or when i disagree with their opinions, instead of trying to be understood, i seek to understand. and when things fail instead of looking to blame i look to myself, okay sure she has no clue what stress im under, but what can i do better to not let my stressors affect our communication. she points out what i feel to be insanely minute instances…very well that means i need to step my game up. the group study session wasnt effective because not everyone pulled their fare share of the weight…check. i guess i should be more clear of what each individual needs to accomplish…the easy way out for me is to blame others for the “group” failures….but ive learned to turn the lens inside and exploit my own weaknesses so that i can attack and strengthen them…life begins at the edge of your comfort zone…but things may only be scary the first time. or uncomfortable for a limited time. then that comfort zone stretches a little further and more things can be added to the daily routine or more tasks can be accomplished. so lets get out there and get after it.


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