today has been fucking awesome. things are gnarly. i love my life today. woke up with some excellent recovery, then a buddy and i from the meeting mobbed out to Inspiration Point out in south Newport beach….this is the first leisurely activity i have done for myself since the breakup. i think thats why i appreciated it so much. just the boys, cliff jumping, snorkeling, a little hike and wrapped the day up with some body surfing. so peaceful. just us the cliffs and the water. i even left my Oakley Frogskins out there but my day was so good i didnt even care. someone else is getting lucky today when they find them…youre welcome. i have been bumping back and forth sleeping at different spots. i move into a place to call my own in 13 days and i cant fucking wait. with so much chaos and so many moving parts in my life right now… im at peace. i know im right where im supposed to be. im so grateful to have collected 9 months of the most solid recovery i have ever experienced in my life. things never got easier, in fact more difficult however today ive got tools to use and a Higher Power who is there to back me up. life is good. get to the beach if you can. soak in that peace, become humbled by the water. enjoy your life. dont spend your reality waiting for the next vacation…enjoy every single day. we dont have any guarentees in this life besides death and taxes unless you evade them. do something today that you havent ever done before. try something new. appreciate something you used to dread. love yourself. and i cant stop listening to magic spells by crystal castles. maybe check it out? but most importantly. give yourself a break. go enjoy something new for a few minutes. break that cycle if its not working for you. i love you. whoever is reading this. thank you.


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