one of the best days of my life was yesterday. the hike to Arch rock, alone was so peaceful. Arch rock is a cove off the coast of Corona del Mar/Newport beach. i guess its more popular now but a buddy of mine showed me the spot for the first time last week. i fell in love with that spot. i just had to get back. i went yesterday and it was high tide, i actually had to legitimately traverse the rocks to make it to the cove, once you reach the cove you drop your stuff and swim out to arch rock itself and from there you have to climb up the face of the rock then you can jump off. it was overcast and the sets were coming in rather big…. i sat at the top of the rock, my feet dangling freely over the edge. i saw the sun just barely cutting through the clouds. the sound of the birds in the sky above and the howling of the wind. that was all, you could see for miles out into the open ocean and for just those few minutes….nothing was on my mind. not a worry in the world as i sat atop arch rock. then a seal surfaced at the base of the rock. he wasnt worrying about a breakup, or the exams he had to take next week in school. he didnt need a new place to live, he was just happily flopping around on the shelf before he plunged back into the dark water. and then i was alone again. i felt so small with many miles of unknown ocean all around me. the sets crashed violently against the base of the rock and they barreled so perfectly through the arch before crashing against the cove. I have such a deeply rooted respect for the ocean, it will never fail to humble you. even the biggest, strongest human being is no match for the biggest and strongest set in the ocean. I move into my own place this saturday. im so excited. im growing. life is good, theres always someone who has it worse.


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