When she spoke those words my world turned upside down. There we were, her first time in my new apartment my 2 year old daughter sat on my counter top dancing to PPP by beach house as I stood there over my electric stovetop cooking cheese tortellini for lunch, I looked to her and asked her if she liked the song, “I like this song, this is our song dad” I couldn’t help but let the tears run, my whole world stopped, everything I’m going through right now paused completely, not a worry about finals or things I still need for the apartment or groceries or bills or being alone or the money. Nothing mattered, and after she said those words I couldn’t help but fast forward 20+ years at her wedding to play this song during the father daughter dance. This small human has me wrapped around her finger, no matter what else is going on in my life the good or the bad, she has the power to take me out of myself for even just a moment. She shows me the purest form of love. God shines through her when I need it the most. Everything is going to be okay just for today. Tomorrow may burn me down but today is all I really need. I love you so much Paisley, maybe one day you will read this. You make being a dad the greatest gift on this planet. 


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